I believe a person should never limit themselves to one genre when it comes to music. With so many great artists out there across a broad spectrum of options, you have to dabble in a little bit of everything these days. While I am definitely a rock/hip hop/punk/blues fan, I’m not afraid to say I also enjoy a good helping of some good ol’ dirty pop music. Slap on some synth drums and deep bass lines and I’m instantly hooked.

This is exactly what got me addicted to pop artists Celine Neon. With throwback style pop synths and dramatic production, this group is a blast to have on and blast at full volume. And while pop music is certainly all over the place these days, Celine Neon brings a new and refreshing style to it. By utilizing classic styling with modern and risque/fun lyrical elements they truly own their craft. But what happens when you toss on some hip hop on top of this unique style?

Enter hip hop collective The Rapper Chicks. This Chicago group is currently sporting a very impressive line up of ill-esha, Psalm One, Fluffy, and Angel Davanport. They joined up with Celine Neon to create a re-imaging of their 2014 track “Vacation Time”. Rapper Chicks addition of hip hop verses helps to create an amazing pop/hip hop blend that brings a whole new style to the song while retaining the smooth and melodic pop chorus. All of this together creates one amazing track.

If you’re enjoying what you’re hearing, and you definitely should, then you need to check out the other available tunes coming out from all these artists as well take a night and see them live in person.

Celine Neon is currently celebrating the release of their latest EP Kitty that came out this month. It’s currently available to listen to on their YouTube account and you can check out their first EP Celine Neon on their soundcloud page. Their social media has all the updates you need on when a show will be near you.

Rapper Chicks are currently touring all over Chicago-land, the Midwest, and honestly everywhere as part of the Psalm One DIY Tour. You can get all the updates coming out on this fantastic hip hop collective from their social media pages as well.

Celine Neon Official | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Soundcloud

The Rapper Chicks Official | Facebook | Twitter