When you throw an organ on top of some classic rock riffs and echoing vocals, I’m instantly sold. 3 Piece Suit is a rock trio hailing from Springfield, Ohio who came together back in November of 2012. Dylan Schartz, Barry Crabill, and Billy Krouse make 3 Piece Suit what it is, with each member brings a unique element to this original band. When I first took a listen to what 3 Piece Suit was all about, I found myself lost in their musical style and really enjoying what these guys have created.

“Turnover” is an excellent song/video to showcase what 3PS is all about. With driving beats and gritty guitar riffs, complemented with high octave organ notes, “Turnover” comes together to create a classic tune that you find can get stuck in your head with ease. “Everyday feels the same, just a little worse” is a line I’ve been humming for about 2 days straight now. Don’t believe me that it will get stuck in there, take a listen.

After their label Pulp Records called it quits, they were left with a full album and no distribution channels. For some bands that would have been it, but this did not slow these guys down. They released their self titled album in the spring of 2014 on their own and are currently playing shows while working hard to finish their second album.

This is a band you’ll want to keep up with as they continue churning out new music and playing shows all over. You can check out all their tunes on their Soundcloud page, as well as get all the info and news you need from their social media pages.

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