Some songs just make you feel really good. They strike all the right chords, sing all the right words, and in an almost unexplainable way, just make you feel positive and confident and ready to take on the world.

Eau Claire’s Softly, Dear just released theirs, a 3 1/2 minute track entitled “Things I Say”, and I’m really excited about the direction the outfit is heading in. With this single track, the outfit has shown definite growth since their June 2013 release, which was stellar in its own right. “Things I Say” has Softly, Dear leaning more towards their folk influences, utilizing more harmonies between their male and female vocalists and seamlessly introducing brass into their sound as the chorus swells.

Glimmering acoustic leads the song in, followed by the introspective lyricism of Tyler Hart. The energy of the song progresses beautifully; the outfit’s grasp on composition is fantastic, with the drums carrying the song where necessary and both keys and brass incorporated tastefully. This track is a textured and lovely preview of what to expect from their upcoming album. Check it out for yourself below:

The outfit couldn’t have released “Things I Say” at a better time – this is a light, accessible song perfect for summer listening. What do you think?

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