In anticipation of their sophomore album, Fumes, Lily & Madeleine have released “The Wolf is Free”, a light, slow-tempo’d single that focuses on the sisters’ gorgeous voices. Their enchanting harmonies swirl together in a smoky soundscape, with lethargic guitar melodies accenting the instrumentation in the background.

About halfway through, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a disorienting pause, a manic moment where all music stops and is instead taken over by a chorus of effects. Chill-inducing as it is, it’s fascinating how the sisters fit it into the song and how much sense it makes within the story it tells. Before long, a drum roll brings the song back into focus.

Of the upcoming album, Madeleine comments: “Fumes is a new step for us as artists … it’s a perfect reflection of this stage of our lives.” This song is rumored to be one of the slower tracks on the album, leading to my excitement of the steps in creative growth Lily & Madeleine have taken.

Fumes comes out October 28th on Asthmatic Kitty. Enjoy the song and its perfectly complimentary music video below:

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