This past Friday, Cincinnati pop/rock trio Pop Goes The Evil celebrated the release of their sophomore LP, Love Stained Heart. With almost all of the album’s eight tracks clocking in at over five minutes, the Kickstarter-funded album is a substantial piece of music. At six minutes, the album’s lead single, “The Milky Shake”, is a great example of what Love Stained Heart is all about.

“The Milky Shake” takes things slow and steady as a heavily distorted guitar chugs right into the verse and takes us through practically the entire song. Lyrically, the verses utilize a call-and-response that begins to feel vaguely religious on top of some almost eerie harmonies.

Punctuated with snappy blue riffs, the track’s steady pace, lyrical repetition, and accessible harmony make for a hypnotizing six minutes.

Love Stained Heart is out now and available on CD in a limited edition of 200. Order a copy from Pop Goes The Evil’s Bandcamp page or pick one up at any of their upcoming Midwest shows.

June 4 at The New Vintage in Louisville, KY
June 5 at Be Here Now in Muncie, IN
June 13 at Yield Bar in Milwaukee, WI
June 14 at The Tonic Room in Chicago, IL
June 20 at Buzzbin Art & Music Shop in Canton, OH
July11 at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, OH
August 8-9 at Mile of Music Festival in Appleton, WI

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