Whether you’re a fan of dance music or not, there is no denying this one true fact: Jaded Inc. has an amazingly catchy sound. While dance music can definitely be an acquired taste, these guys are an easy way to dip your toe into all things dance.

Jaded Inc. is the latest project of long time friends 14KT and Mayer Hawthorne. While Hawthorne has made a name for himself as a soul and funk musician, this is definitely a new direction. Teaming up alongside 14KT, who has produced hip hop for years, and now brings his beat stylings to the duo, they have created a brand new sound they are calling BEAT WAVE.

It’s a unique and impressive sound. To kick off their new album The Big Knock, they dropped the very catchy title track with a music video staring the Jit (A true Detroit dance style) champion Brandon “Jitting Jesus” Hobbs. This is something you need to see (and hear) for yourself. And then again… about 20 times…

These two post-futuristic creators grew up together in Michigan. They adore the Post-Punk and New Wave movements of the early 1980′s, and share a passion for  Ghettotech and Booty music that penetrated the airwaves and rave scene in Detroit in the 90′s.

This is certainly a step in a whole new direction for both of these artists and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Both have had success in their chosen genres but to start all over again in a new one is bold step.

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of these guys, you’re in luck, because they are going to make the Subterranean SHAKE on Friday, September 12th. You will not want to miss this opportunity to see these guys live and for only $15. Doors are at 9pm and the show kicks off at 10pm.

You can also get your copy of The Big Knock in digital format from iTunes and Amazon, but why do that when you can pick up a vinyl copy from their store. There’s only 100 out there and they’re going to sign it for you too. Get on it!

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