Milwaukee’s Soul Boys are at it again with their slinky, mysterious single, “Tammy”. The track is a full five-minutes of Soul Low goodness, and I’ve been waiting patiently (read: impatiently) for more music from these guys since July. They continue to play with the audience through the whole song, with slow builds and contrasting pieces that are both loud and soft, full and isolated, complex and simple. Vocals are haunting as ever and the instrumentation is catchy as ever.

This song is the tightest I’ve ever heard Soul Low; the guys are really on point. They’re even giving their saxophonist a bit more of the spotlight with a smooth solo outro. Check out “Tammy” below in the first installation of PROP-A-GANZA, which is an awesome concept in itself:

It’s good to hear new music from Soul Guys. They haven’t changed too much since UNEASY, just got a whole bunch better.

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