​Hamilton Handshake is a high falutin’, noise pollutin’ rock ‘n roll band from Cleveland. These four degenerates–Ryan Matthew (vocals/guitar), Evan Phillips (guitar), Dave “Ziggy” Deitke (bass) and Kyle Thomas (drums)–don’t give a damn about making a good impression, but they know how to have a good time! Their single “Strut” is dripping with sex appeal–from the guitar line that slinks into existence within the first few seconds, playfully mingling with drums and bass, to frontman Ryan Matthew’s bluesy howl. This sultry earworm needs a disclaimer releasing the band from any responsibility for all the babies it’s about to help make.


Check out “Strut” below:

Hamilton Handshake can be found kicking things off at the Beachland Tavern tonight with McKinley James, whose band features members of the JD McPherson band. Show’s at 8:30pm and tickets are still available.

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