Last month, Chicago singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mike Castle released his newest effort, Everything Gold. The five-track EP, recorded with Jon Alvin (Baliff, Archie Powell & The Exports), is a follow-up to Castle’s 2013 solo debut, Nighthawks. Everything Gold is an impressively well-rounded album, offering moments of rock, blues, country, and pop that range from the muted acoustic closer “Wait For Me” to the jangly garage rock of “Stop Playing With My Heart”.

“Stop Playing With Me Heart” comes in fast and strong with some deliciously crunchy guitar and energetic keys that immediately steal the spotlight and set the pace for the rest of the track. Through a vocal effect, Castle’s already catchy lyrics gain the momentum needed to ensure they won’t be leaving your head anytime soon.

The song is bursting with a unique nostalgic fun, and in the end, the variety offered by Everything Gold strengthens the impact of each track that it carries.

Everything Gold is out now and available for digital download for just $5 through Mike’s Bandcamp page. You can see him performing live this Friday, 8/8, at Lincoln Hall with Kevin Andrew Prchal and Daniel Wade. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. You can grab the details here.

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