Post-chamber trio, Okapi, brought it all to the table in their recently released live video session. Craigslist was truly instrumental in bringing vocalist/bassist Scott Gorski, cellist Lindsey Miller, and drummer Tommaso Moretti together, and in a strange turn of events, they neither sold each other furniture nor were looking for roommates. The three clicked musically and brought their unique (and each very different) musical backgrounds to the group. The fusion of each member’s experiences makes Okapi very versatile – and very unique – in all the right ways.

Dominated by warm cello playing, this is a performance that sounds as intimate as it looks. The live session ebbs and flows, occasionally falling back on tribal percussives and always feeling a little dark and mysterious – the dimly lit, slightly cramped space seemed oddly fitting. Enjoy their performance of “Still They Pass On By” at DZ Records below:

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