Split between Chicago and Grand Rapids, folk duo Look Out Lincoln is a new project bringing together the talents of Sarah Barker and Morgan Haner (Cavepainters). At the start of July, the duo released their debut effort – a 7-track album of American folk tunes called High Time. Led by the honest songwriting and emotional performances of Barker and Haner, High Time is a beautiful release highlighting some of the best aspects of the genre.

A nod to the spiritual side of traditional American folk music, the album’s lead track may be one of its best. Coming in at just under three minutes, “Spiritual In E” is a song that finds its power in its stripped down simplicity. Backed by just a guitar and a harmonica, Barker and Haner use the space to create some wonderful vocal harmonies that really drive this song home.

You can stream the rest of High Time from Look Out Lincoln’s Bandcamp page or for just 5 bucks, you can download yourself a permanent copy. Either way, give it a listen – you won’t regret it.

Look Out Lincoln Official | Facebook | Bandcamp