Body Pillow art by Dan Forke

“A Formal Apology To Grandma Wells” follows in a long line of strong collaborations between Eau Claire, WI rapper Sayth, Minneapolis’s Wealthy Relative, and producer North House. This most recent effort, the second single off forthcoming split tape Body Pillow, finds the trio accentuating their strengths, calling upon reflective, at times metaphysical, lyrics dotted throughout with irony and witty non sequiturs. “A Formal Apology…” however adds a new breath of easy poise and confidence best encompassed in the Wealthy Relative verse with lines like, “Dan came as a man’s frame and can pay for his own damn Chipotle so add the guac its ok.” delivered as an almost defiant acceptance of who he is and where he stands in this world and tightly wrapped in a pop culture metaphor.

For a track framed as an introspective apology letter to an elder it feels like the duo is fading towards confident self acceptance and honing in on a strong skill set that has already been landing them some impressive national and international attention via outlets like Impose and No Fear of Pop. Listen to the track below and Pre-Order the Limited Edition 4-Track CD on bandcamp now!

Body Pillow will be available on tape label start up Lowkey Radical on August 24th.

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