They are back again. The insane minds behind Robot Hilarious are once again delivering some awesomely ridiculous antics surrounded by impressive hip hop flow. Off of their full length album It’s Official comes the title track’s brand new music video. Debuting back in September these mad hatters are bringing the insanity to the screen with their track “No Goddamn Flow”.

As a group that is self-proclaimed as Folk, hip hop, and rock that got tossed into a blender, this track offers a perfect example of what that is. With smooth lyrics and some head bobbing beats, the hip hop qualification is certainly met. But the rock/punk aspect gets brought to light in sweet moments of the song with snapping snares and a sick bass riff. Top all that off with the Robot Hilarious guys making chaos behind neon text and you have a pretty awesome music video from theses Chicago natives.

These guys are Midwestern performing machines. They put their noses to the grind stones and not only crank out new music but play shows whenever they can. They just wrapped up their Southern Tour which took them from Chicago to Florida and to all the venues in between. Robot Hilarious just released a new track entitled Gasoline and are getting ready for some more shows (even after the insane tour).

If you want to keep up with these guys be sure to subscribe to their social media pages and also check out their Bandcamp where they upload all their new and old music.

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