Michigander is a band, and their song “Nineties” is simply the definition of nostalgia. If you took everything I wanted to hear from an indie band and put it into one song, this is it. The glossy guitar rhythm, backing acoustic, and trumpet accents aren’t the only things I dig so much about it, but boy are they big players. The way all of the instrumentation comes together highlights Jason Singer’s vocals and an incredible sense of composition.

Stereo up and the windows down
Same old city, still driving around
It’s the only place I clear my mind
Passed the 7-11 and the neon signs

Check out this slice of indie pop goodness from Jason Singer and his project, Michigander:

You’ll be hard pressed to find much if you’re looking for more Michigander–right now, at least. We’d recommend catching a show when they pass through. If the live recordings can tell us anything, it’s that you won’t be disappointed.

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