Sometimes there is music that get’s you so pumped up  you feel like you could do anything and other times there’s music that helps you through those other days, the ones where things just can’t seem to go right. Moonrise Nation is the for the latter of those two. With piano/strings that can really make you reflect and harmonies that are intoxicating to say the least, this is music for lifting you up and refreshing you.

This lovely trio is made up of sisters Arden Bee and Eva Bee along with Emma McCall. Their unique blend of musical proficiency along with amazing vocals creates a home run on every track on their self titled EP that came out in January of 2014. But for this sampling I went with something a little slower and dreamy. Their track “Monster” is a beautiful blend of piano and vocals backed by a bass drum heartbeat and then soulful strings. It’s a perfect sampling of what this group can do.

Moonrise Nation has been making their way around from show to show and will be playing their hometown of Chicago this upcoming Saturday April 12th at The Subterranean. If you’d like to hear more from these talented woman you can definitely check out their show. The doors open at 8:00 PM and the show kicks off at 8:30 PM. You can also stream Moonrise Nation EP on Spotify and grab yourself a copy from iTunes.

moonrise featured

You’ll also want to be sure to subscribe to their social media pages to keep up with their new releases and their up coming shows. This musical trio is only getting started.

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