A long-standing staple in the Minneapolis psych & shoegaze scene, Flavor Crystals, are back with an incredible Double LP and an upcoming hometown release show.

“Mirror In My Mind” has been meandering around the internet for a while now before finding a spot on The Shiver of the Flavor Crystals. It was also released on a split 7″ with Beijing’s Carsick Cars. That being said, the track is still a stand out among the album’s new material.

It’s a slow-driving build up and it takes you on an ethereal trip. A pulsating tremolo ebbs and flows behind the guitar melody which eventually builds into a heavy wall of sound. If you’ve yet to exerpiece “The Shiver” of Flavor Crystals, this is a damn good starting point.

If you find yourself in Minneapolis next month you may want to check out the official release party on Saturday, December 5th at Kitty Cat Klub. Flavor Crystals will be joined by fellow Twin Cities friends Chatham Rise, Dead Gurus, and Bug Fix. The show is co-hosted by Minneapolis record label mpls ltd.

Outside the land of 10,000 lakes? Order the Double LP now via bandcamp and you’ll be enjoying the gorgeous green and blue splatter vinyl in no time. 

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