“And I pace the tiles on my ceiling, So when the ship goes down- I’m diving not sinking. And I give in, I give in.” – Moira

From the birthplace of aviation and innovation, Dayton, Ohio is the proud stomping grounds of Moira, an ambient/dream pop three piece with a flair of their own.

At the start of their track Midwestern Waste, a midi-synth allows the listener to unconsciously float below the surface of melodic water as pain-stricken vocals give hope of resurfacing. Alicia Grodecki delicately, but with conviction, spins a tale every Midwestern has toyed with- Getting the hell out of this four seasoned crop circle.

While the indecision is battled throughout the lyrics, a pent up energy of strictly electronic instruments is finally broken at the 1:50 mark when a drum kit provides a hi-hat/snare combo that bursts through like raindrops with such subtle energy. The track finishes out strongly with a luscious combination of both midi, and analog instruments.

Ambient/dream pop can sometimes not elevate to more developed places. Moira utilize multiple layers in their songwriting so that as one idea unfolds, another new musical element is presented. During live performances, Moira stray from conventional loops and midi-synth controllers and use analog instrumentation in order to create a bare atmospheric environment.

On October 13th their debut EP Asleep/Repeat/Awake will be released via Bandcamp. Following that is their album-release show on October 16th at Blind Bob’s (430 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45402.) So be sure to mark your calendars, and prepare for more genre bending tracks like Midwestern Waste.

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