As it turns out, February is a popular month for Cream City bands to release EPs. Three very different ensembles already have or will drop some new tunes this month. Whatever your musical tastes are, you should be able to find something to satisfy your ears.


Ride Into The SunRide Into the Sun – Low Down Sound

Okay, so technically this was released on January 31st, but this septet still deserves some recognition. Low Down Sound has some hippie-dippie vibes, and Ride Into the Sun made me feel like I was in That 70s Show. This EP has the perfect jams to chill out in your parents’ basement and drink some Schlitz (and maybe partake in a certain illegal activity) with your friends in a nondescript Wisconsin town. Singer Brad Lee Curtis’ strong voice is gorgeously paired with Shelly Schauer’s harmonies throughout the five tracks on Ride Into the Sun. Guitarist Greg Mitchell and keyboardist Eric Douglas know their way around their instruments, and their musicianship is blatantly apparent in any of their many instrumental solos.

Favorite track: Made To Groove
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American Times – Devil Met ContentionAmerican Times

If Tom Waits and Johnny Cash had some sort of musical lovechild, it would be Devil Met Contention. There’s a darkness eminent in every track of the American Times, exemplified by the rough-around-the-edges voice of frontman Ehson Rad. Lead guitarist David Schuyler exudes the Americana/rock-n-roll essence that is so imperative to the band. And as is the case with any cohesive group, the rhythm section consisting of bassist Max Nemer and drummer Nez fills in any musical gaps to create a full sound. Devil Met Contention is quickly picking up speed and will have a larger presence in the Milwaukee music scene after the release of American Times. You can catch the release show at Hotel Foster on Thursday, February 26th with Thriftones and Zach Pietrini & the Broken Bones.

Favorite track: Blood Boil Slow
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Off in the NightOff In the Night – Eagle Trace

Eagle Trace has been garnering a lot of attention in the press with their latest release, Off in the Night, and with good reason. This EP is clean and catchy. After only listening to it a few times, I’m already bouncing around my apartment singing along. Consisting of four brothers and one friend, these guys have been playing together since high school and it shows. Everything about this release comes together well and is reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys. Off in the Night was officially released on Saturday, February 21st and Anodyne Coffee, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch them in the future.

Favorite track: Stale Black Ties
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