Wax TV are new to the Chicago music scene, and they’re sure as hell making their presence known. Until the release of “Modern Pharaohs” this morning, the outfit had one single available to listen to on their Soundcloud, and it sure as hell commands your attention from the start.

“Liars” is a manic combination of rapid, deadpan lyrical delivery and bluesy screams backed by a fuzzed out, driving bass line and the brief-but-killer guitar solo. All of this clocks in under two minutes. “Liars” has more energy than some songs twice the length – it’s awesome.

Wax TV bring together heavy rock instrumentation (with vocals to match) and an energy that makes me look forward to an entire live set. See for yourself below:

This introduction to Wax TV was all I needed to crave a whole album from the guys. Until then, keep up with them below.

September 23rd at 2:00PM on Fearless Radio
September 27th at Township in Chicago, IL

Wax TV Facebook | Soundcloud