I’ve heard people call Meg MacDuff the “greatest front woman in Chicago” and frankly, I agree. Top lining the Chicago based outfit, Montrose Man, MacDuff can only be described as a total powerhouse. Alongside Mat Haywood and Eric Kratz, these three create some of the most charming, post-punk tunes around.

“Lazy Looker,” the first single and title track off of their upcoming album is no exception. MacDuff’s heavy warble fits flawlessly with her bright, razor cut guitar and relatable lyrics. Haywood and Kratz complete this trinity of noise with a tight, mammoth like chugging that swells into a perfectly aggressive payoff.

“…and I was always careful with your cutlery, but you know me, I’m rather clumsy with knives and self esteem . . “


The debut full-length Lazy Looker will be released in mid-summer of 2017.

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