Returning with a new moniker and new style is the ever-talented Katie Lafond, kicking off her new project: Siren. While it’s a departure from the classic guitar and folk sound she previously established, it is the introduction of a new and masterful continuation of her dream pop sound. Her impressive vocals and lyricism mixed with CSYSYK‘s production make for an amazing track.

Siren has a method of creating a mental picture by using both her vocals and the dreamy style of instrumentation. Oscillating sounds and vocals help to place the listener in a unique position of feeling surrounded by the song rather than just listening to it. Released the back in September, “Just Right” is a very impressive debut track, to say the least. Take a listen right here:

While we only have the one track right now, you can expect much more coming from Siren in the near future. She’s a powerhouse of musical talent and is not held down by any one genre. If you’d like to check out her other music, you can on her Bandcamp and on her various other social media channels. This is certainly a Midwestern artist you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Siren SoundCloud | Katie Lafond Bandcamp| Twitter