Funk rock has a special place in my heart. It is one of the key building blocks for hip hop (a genre that I love so much), and is a staple who’s influences to this day can be heard a little bit in everything from rock and roll to pop artists. One of these bands that has done, in my not so humble opinion, a funk/rock/pop fusion very well is Hood Smoke. Powerful and beautiful vocals, chiming piano/organs, steady beats and rhythms, and a bass lines that hooks you in so deep you can’t get out. This is a group that can, and does, everything from hard rocks tunes to soft ballads to funky tunes.

Hailing from Chicago, this band has been making sweet pop/funk/rock tunes since 2010. Currently working hard on their third album, set to release in 2016, Hood Smoke has graced us with a gem of a song and a great video. “Jade Lights” was/is my first sampling of this band (ashamed it took me this long to find them) and from the first notes of the song amazed me. A beautifully done song with a great video on top sold me and solidified that I needed to share this.

This song has everything I love in music and is just so well done. Take a listen/look and you’ll fall in love too.

If you enjoy these guys as much as I do, then you need to make the investment in their first two albums: Laid Up In Ordinary and Regular Neurotic. Both are available on their website you can see more videos they have on their YouTube page.

If you want to jam out with these guys live, then you’re in luck. They will be hitting up Schubas on December 18th. Get your tickets now before you’ve missed the chance to see them.

Hood Smoke Official | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube