Young Jesus have been making music in the Windy City since 2009 and have cranked out a ton of EP’s and other releases since 2010. It was in 2012 that we saw the emergence of their album Home, since then we have been eagerly awaiting the next installment. While they have been a bit absent from the concert venues lately, it’s not for shear lack of laziness. It’s actually the opposite. They have been working towards a new album that will be dropping in December of this year. They are a band that is pure Chicago and pure Midwest, and they’re only getting better with each release they put out.

Known for their crazy live shows and their loyal fan base, Young Jesus does everything from slow rock, fast crazy punk and classic folk rock. While the next true album is not coming out for a few months, they have just released a new track from it. I have to say, there wasn’t one track I was able to sample that I did not like, but what I did find myself repeating left and right was their new track “G”. It’s pleasantly addictive.

While you may have to wait until December for the full album to be released there is still plenty going on with these guys in the mean time. You can head on over to their bandcamp to check out all the tracks they have hosted there as well as subscribe to their social media to keep up with their releases and shows. This way you can know the exact moment the album is ready to drop (Although checking back with MWA might be a good idea too).

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