It’s hard to nail down just what Robot Hilarious is all about. Their hip-hop skills are very impressive and mixed with the best possible range of the ridiculous and the serious. Their latest release, It’s Official,  brings an awesome mixture of head bobbing beats and hilarious (pun intended) lyrics. Along with anti-government sentiment and other odd stories of their rise to becoming Robot Hilarious.

Their self described creation story is that folk, hip-hop, and rock got into a blender and Robot Hilarious came out and with a bullhorn. I have to say that description is apt. The group is composed of 2Bones, Hound-Dog,  and Gamma Ray, each of whom bring an unique element to the team. Throughout the whole album there is an amazing flow with quick quips that might take a moment to sink in. Honestly there were a lot of tracks to feature from this but I am going with the track “Every Day”.

It’s Official is a great taste of everything Robot Hilarious is all about, so if you enjoyed this track then you’re going to love the whole album. It’s Official was released in January of 2014 and the guys will be playing in and around the Chicago area in support of it.

Their next show is in Westmont at The Uptown Tavern. This is their long-awaited return to the suburbs since they have  a habit of getting banned from these kinds of venues (which we think just means they put on a hell of a show). Head out to the show on Saturday, February 22nd, and check out It’s Official as well as the band’s previous releases on their bandcamp page.

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