Splitting his time between the Wisconsin town and Minneapolis, Sayth mixes MPLS hip-hop influences with the Eau Claire aesthetic. As much as I love Justin Vernon for putting the Wisconsin town on the musical map, his style of music leaves a lot of people making assumptions about the scene in Eau Claire. Sayth’s music, however, is an awesome medium to bridge the gap between Vernon’s folksy ambiance and, well, everything else. This rapper lays down light beats coupled with introspective lyrics in “Eating Alone”, resulting in a laid-back and super catchy track.

Check out the video below. In the track, Sayth spits awesome, insightful lyrics in a video as uncomplicated as his music.

Fans of early MODSUN are going to really enjoy the work Sayth is putting out. Here’s hoping he holds onto this style because it’s pretty damn good.

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