In Chicago, disliking the mayor is almost as much of a tradition as the blues. With a crucial run-off approaching between the embattled mayor and his possibly-Wookie, definitely-mustached competitor, veteran roots rock axe-man Kent McDaniel is making his voice heard with a new single, aptly titled “Don’t Need No More Rahm.”

While Rahm-bashing has spread through the city like wildfire, McDaniel avoids mockery and name-calling, instead skewering Emanuel for his connections to Governor Bruce Rauner, public school closures, crime rates, red light cameras, and tax breaks for the rich, as well as his generally shitty demeanor.

This is an old-fashioned protest song, complete with a steady, marching drum beat and some sweet, bluesy riffs. McDaniel succeeds in making his point, while also conjuring up the kind of summery jam that’s built for an afternoon set at one of Chicago’s bevy of street festivals.

Download “Don’t Need No More Rahm” for free. Emanuel faces challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia in a run-off election on Tuesday, April 7th.

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