Chicago psych-punk savants Ego are back with a brand new 7”, Can’t Shut It Off, out now on Maximum Pelt Records. The trio, who are responsible for what may have been “the best record to come out of… the Midwest in 2013” according to MWA’s Dan Fiorio, are again firing on all cylinders with this release.

The title track rolls out a frolicking melody that whirlpools into effervescent guitar swells and splashing cymbals. It’s a little Thin Lizzy, a little T. Rex, and even a little late-period Sonic Youth in its pop-tinted skronkiness. The vocals, which have been delivered through an old telephone receiver, possess a spastic urgency that carries the listener through bouncing verses and into the tune’s almost classic rock denouement.

Not to be completely outshone, b-side “Sunlight” blossoms with the patience and warmth of a Verlaine composition into a gorgeous 4 ½ minutes of twirling guitars, plump bass lines and crackling percussion.  Ego show off their songwriting chops with a restrained delivery, never letting “Sunlight” go full on volcanic while channeling the energy of a pending eruption throughout.

If you haven’t gotten acquainted with Ego the last few years, this 7” is the perfect introduction. If you’re familiar with the band’s catalogue to this point, then you’ll find Can’t Shut It Off to be further evidence that Ego are one Chicago’s most dynamic, versatile and entertaining bands.

The Can’t Shut It Off 7″ is limited to 300 copies and available via the Maximum Pelt Online Store or at your local EGO live show.

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