Chicago collective, The Nurse Novels, are sadly no more. The Nurse Novels was a fusion of Thea Lux, Tony Mendoza and Tom Vale from Let’s Get Out Of This Terrible Sandwich Shop and Nicole Vitale of the group Unicycle Loves You. For three years, they have been putting out fantastic music as The Nurse Novels. Their debut Frozen Muzak was released in 2010, and their second and final release, Poof!, was released this past Tuesday, October 1st.

Poof! is twelve tracks of easy-on-the-ears indie pop. These catchy tunes are sure to stick in your head for weeks on end. An example of this album’s earworm qualities is fully demonstrated on track eight, “Budget Graffiti.” With its fantastic piano lead and “whoa oh” vocals, this song won’t leave either your brain or your iPod for quite a while. Give it a spin and a download below. The track itself is going for a dollar, and you can download Poof! off of bandcamp for a name your price option.

The Nurse Novels Official | Bandcamp