Chicago’s Crown Larks sometimes feel like they’re from another dimension, or at least another decade. They continue to impress me with their avant-garde progressive psych-jazz (a genre I’ve created just now).

Their latest track “Blood Mirage” is no different. It’s moody, unsettling, and even a little scary in parts. The brooding intro is unassuming enough until the drums speed up a bit and a psychedelic jazz freakout unfolds. The song expands upon the ideas the band put forth with their previous EP Catalytic Conversion, and takes you for quite a ride. Listen for yourself.

Their style of music may not be for all casual music listeners but you have to appreciate their knack for making music that defies genres and continues to grow so steadily. While rooted in free jazz, prog rock, and psychedelia, their sound is something uniquely their own.

“Blood Mirage” is just a small part of their upcoming album Blood Dancer, available for Pre-Order now via Space Lung / Land Breathing. You’ll have to wait until April for the full album but groove on this track all you want until then.

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