What more can I say about Mooner? They’re almost too damn likable. They’ve got catchy guitars, melodic vocal hooks, and just a whole lot of charm. The first single from their upcoming debut album Masterpiece is available today and it’s a sign of good things to come. 

The spelling is about the only thing Mooner borrow from Elvis Costello on this track. Their “Alison” is a much more upbeat number than Costello’s famous ballad, with a chorus full of bouncy keys and a brilliant simplicity that you can’t help but return to over and over. Both have a damn fine concept of what makes a good pop tune.

The new track comes complete with a music video that combines the strange catharsis that comes from watching Chicago pass by you  from the view of a car seat and being at a Mooner show. Check it out below.

Stream the whole debut album via bandcamp right now and be sure to pick up a copy at the release show on October 9th at the Hideout with MAMA, Indonesian Junk, Bobby Conn & Monica Boubou.

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