A sampler, a guitar, and a good set of lungs was all it took for Mystery Pills to begin recording in 2010. Inside a bank vault in Rapid City, Raj Dawson recorded his self-titled debut, and a little over two years later, we’re discovering his newest release “Age of Isolation”. Bouncy, electronic melodies introduce the track, eventually layering with steady guitar and reverb-doused vocals to create a lush soundscape. “Age of Isolation” offers a bit of growth from his self-titled debut EP by reigning in the instrumentation a touch to focus on how far he could push the mix of guitar, bass, and keys. The track is evidence of what beautiful compositions happen when artists are left to their own devices.

“Age of Isolation” is the first single released off of Mystery Pills’ upcoming album Old Gold Devils. Truthfully, I adore this – every note of it. Enjoy the track below:

If you enjoy “Age of Isolation”, definitely check out Wisconsin outfit Dream Attics’ Unbend EP while you’re waiting for more from Mystery Pills. The album’s release date is still to be determined, but lucky for us, there’s a repeat button.

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