Space punk trio Earth Program bring you “A Slight Wave of Euphoria” on 4/20.

A perfectly appropriate release given its hypnotic grooviness, swirling radio warbles and pounding bass; this new jam from Chicago’s Earth Program is peppy enough to keep your eyes open as it steadily draws you in. Joseph Guzy’s steady beat, tsunami-cymbal splashes and shuffling fills power the song forward, while Ryan Brendahl’s bass races through and leans around the charge. Sizzling over that is the razor-hum of Chris Kee’s distorted acoustic guitar, a sound magnetic and urgent enough to match his snarling vocals.

That part at the 1:00 mark where the band seems to take a breath before really cutting loose? Yeah, I want to be up front for that, too. “A Slight Wave of Euphoria” is off Earth Program’s upcoming album CONSUME!, and it clocks in at 4:20.

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