Looking for some good indie pop? If you’re looking in the direction of Batavia, Illinois’s Ghastly Menace, then you’re looking in the right place. The band is finally following-up their excellent 2010 EP, Pitcairn, with a new LP. If the two tracks available, “80’s” and “While You’re Here”, are an indication of what their next record will sound like, it’s safe to say we should expect something fantastic.

“80’s” is an extremely fun piece of power pop fronted by sunny guitar leads and fantastic vocal melodies. This track should have been named “60’s” being that it wouldn’t be hard to believe that it came from that decade. On the B-side, “While You’re Here” is a bit more sparse sounding towards the beginning, but leads into lush melodies towards the middle with some pounding drums and reverb heavy guitars.

Do yourself a favor and give these tracks a spin, a FREE download below, and bask in the warm glow of these tracks. It’s cold outside, you deserve it.

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