I didn’t know what I was looking for this week. I wanted something fun, something loud, and something intriguing. I came across The Lippies, a feminist pop-punk band from Grand Rapids, Michigan that was exactly what I wanted. The Lippies are a band that just makes you want to thrash around in the best possible way.

The Lippies EP is a perfect 6 track compilation of hard rock/pop punk anthems that pay homage to the punk pioneers of the past. Each song is a great tune that makes you want to say “screw it” and flip your desk over while you ska kick and blow the dust off your leather jacket that we all know you still have.

It was the track “302” that sold me on The Lippies. Great tune with fun lyrics, thumping bass lines, strumming guitar, and a playful vibe that reminded me of everything I love about this genre.

The Lippies have been touring all over and, in just one short  year since coming together, are a common sight in the Midwest punk scene. Recently the band signed to punk label Red Scare Industries and will be releasing their first full length near the end of 2015.

Keep up with the punk rockers via their social media channels for all the updates you need on when they’ll be near you, as well as when new music is coming out. They’ll be bouncing between Illinois and Michigan these coming months so here’s the break down of the up and coming shows:

November 6 Chicago IL at Beat Kitchen
November 8 Grand Rapids MI at Founders Brewing
November 22 Detroit MI at Smalls 
November 25 Grand Rapids MI at Mulligans
December 10 Grand Rapids at Pyramid Scheme w/Masked Intruder
December 12 Chicago IL at Double Door 

The Lippies Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter