In a world of instrument changes and oversized line-ups, I have to admit it’s a bit of a relief to hear axons make great music as a solo project. Songwriter and producer, Adele Nicholas, blends wispy synthesizer lines and thumping drum machine loops resulting in her melodic, electronic sound.

“Still Light” is the lead single from her debut EP Inter Vivos, set to be released on limited-edition cassette March 11. In the track, playful synth and pristine vocals coalesce into a lovely pop tune. With the help of glowing background synth, it feels almost as though axons is leading the audience through a cosmic journey. It’s a fascinating ride, and we’re just thankful that such good music is playing.

Give it a spin below and let us know what you think:

If you dig this song as much as we do, MWA encourages you to pick the song up through Bandcamp, or even better, at the cassette release at the Hideout on March 13. You can also catch axons on the second Thursday of each month at “Bloops and Bangers”,  a collaborative improvisational showcase co-sponsored by Notes + Bolts and Brainstorm Comics.

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