He was once the guitarist for the band Treaty of Paris and now out on his own, Daniel Wade is out to remind everyone what good ole’ fashioned rock and roll is all about. He’s a pretty simple fella: he sings, he writes rock, and he plays his guitar. He hails from the Chicago suburb of Buffalo Grove but now calls the Windy City his home.

Daniel Wade is an EP machine. He’ll toss together a few songs and then deliver them to masses (and for that we thank him!). His single “Snake Rattle” and the corresponding music video is the exact definition of a good time. With classic rock strums and lyrics that are easy to sing along with, he is quickly on his way to being an indie rocker icon. Since 2013 he’s released 4 EPs and each one is as awesome as the other.

“Snake Rattle” came out on Rising Moon Anxiety EP in January and it is 3 minutes of pure joy I felt the Midwest Action fans needed. You just have check it out to see what I mean:

If you enjoyed that slice of what Daniel Wade has to offer (and don’t lie, you know you did) they you indeed need to check out his 4 EPs: Hyperconnector, Stronger Machines, Rising Moon Anxiety, and the newest One For The Void. You can hear them all and grab copies from his BandCamp page and as always check out his social media pages to keep up with new releases and shows.

Daniel Wade Official | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp