Born of a collaboration between P.O.S and Astronautalis is Four Fists. For years, these Minneapolis-based rappers have been making music together, even occasionally performing, but have never officially released anything. That is all changing, though, with the duo’s first release, “MMMMMHMMMMM”.


Astronautalis spoke about the collaborative process with Chaz Kangas of the Village Voice: “We would write to each others’ beats, comeback and meet up to piggyback off each other’s passion. We’re inspiration junkies. It was a fun back-and-forth process. In some ways we’re very different people, but the nature of the way we create is very similar.” [credit]

Stream the new single, “MMMMMHMMMMM”, below:

Pre-orders of the Four Fists 7″ are available HERE. The limited-edition EP will be available in four colors and drops officially on October 8th. It will feature “MMMMMHMMMMM” and “Please Go”.

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