We here at MWA firmly believe that Autumn in the Midwest has its own unique soundtrack. That’s why we have decided to present a different song everyday for the next few months that has that Midwestern “Fall Sound” we all love and embrace.

“Working Dream” by Al Scorch and The Country Soul Ensemble (from their Audiotree Session)

What’s Fall if not a time to reap the benefits of one’s labors, especially in the fields? Al Scorch & The Country Soul Ensemble present the working situation as it stands: “All you’re going to find at the day’s end \ is that you’re a little closer to your time.” 

Wages for many do not meet their needs. Many cannot reap the benefits of their labors, because there’s little if anything to reap.

It’s a somber message in a beautiful and passionate country tune. Fall, too, reminds us that we are all a bit closer to our time.

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