It’s that time of year again when the smells of Autumn drift in on a crisp and cool breeze. There is just something cozy and nostalgic about Fall — Don’t you think?

We here at MWA firmly believe that Autumn in the Midwest has its own unique soundtrack. That’s why we have decided to present a different song everyday for the next few months that has that Midwestern “Fall Sound” we all love and embrace.

“Call My Mother” by Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen

Hailing from small towns across the state of Illinois, Rebecca and her group of Trainmen pride themselves on embracing the Midwestern ideal into their Wisconsin folk and Americana sound. Trains, railroads, and letters home to the folks scored with violin, rootsy acoustic guitar, upright base, and just the right percussion give “Call My Mother” that reminiscent feel of Fall.

Rebecca Rego & the Trainmen Official | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp