Bringing new feeling and music to the term “indie rock”, Chicago’s own Exit Ghost is a sight and sound to behold. They combine great music with great lyrics in a way that is a rarity with most indie pop music today. Whether they are using upbeat guitar or changing up the style to a slow and somber tone, Exit Ghost keeps the listener wanting more.

DSC_1325Hailing from the Windy City and bringing their music wherever they can, Exit Ghost has been gracing the musical world since 2010 when they released Pony Soldier EP, a western inspired album complete with full blown fiddle. They have always had the indie pop style down but also bring experimentation to their music in a way that few bands that can compare. Often described as “…a collaborative vehicle structured around the songwriting of Evan Holmes…” this band has a sound that is really hard to place in one genre. On their first full album, 2012’s Move Alone, we hear riffing guitars and awesome grooves that perk up the ears of the listener. This is very evident with the song “Veil”. Listen and more after the jump:

Yet on their latest album coming out this year, in conjunction with a series of videos documenting the unwieldy and exciting process of recording the new album Elston,
they have a more airy and slow tone to it. Recorded at the High Concept Laboratories in Chicago, famous for its mantra of “ supporting working artists and engaging the Chicago community with arts and culture.”, this new album is guaranteeing to be just as engaging yet uniquely different. Check out their latest single from Elston entitled “Speaker”:

If you’re anywhere near as excited as I am by Exit Ghost, then you need to see them live. They are going to be hitting The Hideout this Friday with Jon Drake & The Shakes and Belleisle, so this is already for sure going to be an amazing show. If you want to check it out you can order your tickets here or it’s going to cost you $10 at the door. Show is kicking off at 10pm but the doors are busting open at 9pm.

Head out early and grab a drink, then you’ll be guaranteed a prime spot near the stage. If you need some more pre-game music then you can check out the whole album of Move Alone below and be sure to check out these guys on their Facebook and homepage.


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