From the early days of 2005 to the post Vagrant Record days of 2010 till now, it seems that Dr. Manhattan has always been a part of the the Chicago rock scene. When they decided to “call it quits” in 2010 it was met with sad fans who feared the legacy of great rock music would be left to the new pop sensations. Yet Dr. Manhattan has never been far. They keep popping up here and there to remind the Midwest that they still rock, you just have to be ready for when they strike.

285_50144925178_1040_nIn 2010 the guys of Dr. Manhattan decided to hang it up and go on to new aspects of life. However, as they came to realize, you cannot start something like this band with this unique of a sound and expect a clean break, and time has shown that for sure. Through great fans, and great music that keeps your attention from beginning of album to end, Dr. Manhattan has continued to stick around the Chicago and Midwest rock scene. Using social media outlets to stay connected to the world, Dr. Manhattan has been able to be gone but not far. In December of 2011 the band united to get a kickstarter campaign going to release their self titled album on black and white vinyl and not only was the campaign successful, they over shot by $2,131 leading to the fans to the possibility of not only the vinyl but the band creating a new album.

recordThis exciting news lead many to re-appreciation of the band’s music and while albums like Jam Dreams that came out in 2009 are great, they are hard pressed to beat their self titled album Dr. Manhattan. Armed with tracks like “Big Chomper, Big Chomper” you just can’t get much better. While playing and audio track of the song would be easy, I’m afraid the video is too good to pass up:

Alright. Listen. We’ve claimed before that there are shows you don’t want to miss and it is not that we are wrong or they weren’t great shows, but this is REALLY a show you don’t want to miss. Basically the reason being because we have no idea when you’ll get another chance. Dr. Manhattan will be playing The Beat Kitchen with Darling and QUEEN KWONG. The show kicks off at 9pm but the doors open at 8:30.

And here’s the best news for a lot of Dr. Manhattan fans: the show is 17+. No need for the fake IDs tonight kids, come out and enjoy great music that will only cost you $10. If you’re nervous about getting those tickets you can pre-order them here.

Alright all that wasn’t good enough for you huh? Then here’s the extra treat. You can preview Dr. Manhattan’s self titled album after the jump AND you can even purchase it on vinyl right HERE thanks to Big Cartel.

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