The concept of $3 billion dollars makes my heart flutter. 3 billion, guys! I can’t even imagine having a fraction of that, but it seems Indianapolis record junkies, Joyful Noise, are willing to take on this responsibility. Through Mission Main Street Grants, Joyful Noise have an opportunity to receive $250,000 to apply towards achieving their goals.


Joyful Noise is a store, a record label, and the home to Memory Map, Sleeping Bag, Victor Villareal, and Joan of Arc. They’ve got a lot going on, it seems, but Joyful Noise largely focuses on the limited edition “boutique” side of things. They value music in a physical sense and support vinyl, cassettes, flexi discs, 8 Tracks, and CDs through their label. Yep – with all that happening, they still make time for plain ol’ CDs. On top of that, They’ve had a huge part in resurrecting the cassette tape as a viable media for releasing new music (and not just something you find in thrift stores and old cars).

Though Joyful Noise has already received the 250 votes needed, we encourage you to swing by, vote, and strengthen the JN reputation. After the 15th, panel deliberation begins, and bigger numbers would look pretty damn good.

Voting is open through November 15th, so clear your calendars and make this a priority. To cast your vote, simply click here and select to vote with your Facebook log in information. Grant recipients will be announced in early 2014. It’ll make writing difficult, but our fingers are crossed until then!

Joyful Noise Official | Facebook | Twitter