Chicago’s Royale has a unique idea to compliment their unique genre, and they need your help. The self-proclaimed “fathers of progressive sci-fi yacht metal”, the trio plans to release a new track each month to be later compiled into a single physical release.

This type of gradual release is a brilliant way for the band to get the most mileage out of the new material. Each song will even be getting its own visual treatment from Electric Heat’s Nigel Evan Dennis.

A follow-up to the last December’s s/t EP, the new project’s first single, “Cosmonaut Romance” is out now. You can check out it’s music video below.

Royale is looking to raise $5,000 to fund the recording and eventual vinyl production for this batch of songs. The guys are currently just under $1,500 shy of their goal with five days to go.

In exchange for your pledge, Royale is offering digital and vinyl copies of the full release along with t-shirts, high-quality signed prints of the artwork, and even your very own instrumental “space-yacht prog metal jam” named after you.

Pledge if you can and support local music!

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