Written by Chantelle Moghadam.

I’m not sure that anyone else is seeing this as the monumental event that it clearly is, but Omaha’s Conor Oberst just released seven new songs of his upcoming solo album, Upside Down Mountain.

After a couple years of hiatus from putting out new music with the band Bright Eyes and a brief bout of B-sides and singles from his other band Desaparecidos, Oberst his finally given us a glimpse of what he has for us in the future.

He performed the songs live for New York Public Radio (WNYC). Enjoy this video playlist of those performances:

Conor also released a single from the album earlier on, titled “Governor’s Ball.” Though it’s hard to tell from these performances, being that they’re all acoustic, this album seems like it’s going to remain true to what we’ve seen from Oberst in the past – incredible lyrics and a sorrowful tone paired with perfectly emotional vocals.

A contrast to his boisterous work with Desaparecidos, this sounds a lot like the music he made with Bright Eyes in the past, and I hope that’s the way it will remain.

You can check out national tour dates on Conor’s website to see when he’ll be visiting your town and get the album on May 19. We’re looking forward to it – are you?

May 27 at Taft Theater in Cincinnati, OH
May 29 at Metro in Chicago, IL
May 30 at Metro in Chicago, IL
May 31 at Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, WI
June 1 at First Ave in Minneapolis, MN
June 2 at First Ave in Minneapolis, MN
June 4 at Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, NE
June 5 at The Blue Note in Columbia, MO

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