We all know Chevelle – at least I feel like we should. Personally, they were one of my favorite bands when I was a metal-loving highschooler. The first time “Send the Pain Below” hit my ears out of the speakers of my parent’s minivan… Man, it was the first step in realizing there was music beyond the Billboard Top 40, and it rocked.

Wonder What’s Next is the second album of alternative metal outfit, Chevelle, originally out of Grayslake, IL. Released in 2002, the album spawned the hit singles “The Red” and “Send the Pain Below”, and became their breakthrough album.

Chevelle’s Wonder What’s Next will be released as a double vinyl set on July 22. Preorders are currently available and can be made here. The record will be available in Coke Bottle Clear (limited to 500), “The Red”, and Black. Take a trip back to 2002 and enjoy the video above, and maybe even pick up the vinyl – if even just for the nostalgia.

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