One of Chicago’s most prolific musicians and all around “nice guy”, Bill Tucker, is back at it with his latest solo album Future.

Tucker’s guitar work has always been inventive and diverse, whether it be the noisy yet melodic post-rock of his band A.M. Stations or the melancholic art-rock of his last solo release Punk Fills/Sad Bad MittensFuture furthers this diverse discography by taking on a more ambient and avant-garde approach. The result is a record that sounds as if it came from some future dystopia that may not be that far away.

Future tells the story of “The Misanthrope” translating a decades old message the Holosun. What it all means is up to you to listen and decide.

1980 Records (turned 2980 Records for this release) summed the album up best:

Bill Tucker‘s Future comes from the future-retroistic cassette label 2980 Records & Tapes that descends like the bio-mechanical mothership of rock, traveling through time to crash down on this chunk we call Mother Earth. This is the gamelan of the new world’s bronze age that spits fiery licks of the gods. Lap it up.

Stream a track for Future below and hear it for yourself.

Bill hits the road this week after a show at Chicago’s Magical Living Room with a slough of dates across the Midwest, check out the full list below and get to one of these shows if you can!

Follow the tour and RSVP over on Facebook and order Future on brand-new-retro hi-tech cassette tape via 1980 Records.

Bill Tucker Facebook | Bandcamp | 1980 Records