Vinyl is unanimously our favorite way to enjoy music here at Midwest Action. We love unwrapping a brand new LP and digging through old crates at our local record shops. We especially love when some of our favorite Midwestern bands manage to put together amazing records that look as good as they sound. Here’s a short list of some of favorite Midwestern vinyl releases from 2014.

If you don’t see your favorite vinyl release on this list then let us know what it is in the comments section below!

Something Wicked  by North By North

“Releasing a double-LP in a gatefold? Played out. North By North released Something Wicked on two separately packaged LPs with unique artwork designed by vocalist/guitarist, Nate Girard. In an edition of 250, the record is pressed into a fantastic mint-green vinyl.” – Eric Slager


Voir Dire  by Minor Characters

“Damn is it good to hear new Minor Characters songs! The album is filled to the brim – literally overflowing – with melodic indie rock and killer guitar work. Voir Dire is quite an accomplishment in and of itself; the band recorded in Wisconsin and were only able to release it on wax after a successful KickStarter campaign. Pressed on recycled vinyl, no two albums are the same, so grab one now and drop the needle on any of the 13 new tracks.” -Alyssa Lee


Fuel Your Delusion vol. 4  by Mutts

Mutts have consistently wowed us with their vinyl releases since 2011’s Pray For Rain. This year is no different with the release of Fuel Your Delusion vol. 4. The record is pressed into “crystal ball” split-color vinyl with a reflective foil-coated sleeve that you can see yourself in. Let the selfies commence!” – Eric Slager


Don’t  by E | G | O

“Although this album was originally released on cassette and digital formats, it’s never looked or sounded better than it does on wax. EGO (formerly Massive Ego) outdid themselves on this one. With original cover art (unique to the vinyl release) and a gorgeous green splatter LP, this is truly the ultimate copy of Don’t. Thankfully it arrived with a helpful instructional drawing. Feel the vibrations folks (results may vary).” – Dan Jarvis


Oh, River  by Wild Hands

Oh, River is an incredible album, and Delicious Design League absolutely nailed the album art for it. Even though the same art is available in CD form, the smaller size just doesn’t do justice to the piece. Go for the vinyl and do it right. You won’t regret it.” – Eric Slager


Vaya  by Vaya

“Not only is it one of my absolute favorite records of the year but the guys in VAYA did a fantastic job hand screenprinting these record sleeves in the comfort of their own home. Also, with every vinyl release coming out on colored wax, it’s kind of refreshing to see a nice jet black record come out of the sleeve. The grooves on this LP run deep, highly recommended.” – Dan Jarvis


Caterpillar  by Hand Practices

“This one just made the 2014 cut-off having been freshly released on December 18th and I’m certainly glad it did. Hand Practices songs run the gamut of soaring indie rock to heavy psychedelic tones and they’ve managed to craft a really brilliant album out of that dichotomy. They present their first full-length is a gorgeous double LP pressed on randomly colored vinyl that is just wonderful to hold in your hands and even more wonderful to drop a needle on.” – Dan Jarvis


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