Chicago space punks beastii are rounding the finish line on their debut album, Can’t Waitand we here at MWA couldn’t wait to give you little taste.  The album is a formulaic sculpture; carefully measured bits of the sacred science from rock and roll history plastered together with house show sweat. You can hear a lot of Iggy Pop in the guitars, David Bowie in the effectual processing, and a little bit of Talking Heads in its total structural composition. Mix this with a healthy dose of Dick Dale surf, and you’ve got a beastii album.

“So Far In” would feel as at home on a Country Joe and the Fish album as it would as a Dead Boys track; there’s definitely a marriage of psychedelic delivery and punk rock ethics tied into a neat bow with spaced out guitars.

Take a listen:

If you want to to hear the album in its entirety, you’ll have to catch the punks at Reed’s Local on August 4th, 2017 for the release show. It’s being released by the excellent Dark Circles Records with local support FURR and Easy Habits, so be sure to check it out.

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