To ring in their 5th year of slinging records and tapes at the Chirp Record Fair, held each year at Pitchfork Music Festival, 1980 records is dropping a massive 5 new releases this month along with 5 new music videos!

Bossa IV’s new “lyric video” is either a graphic designers wildest dream or worst nightmare. The song itself is driving rock tune with a bass line that drills itself deep into your brain as the words flash across the screen. The Chicago lo-fi solo project’s latest album Votive is out Friday 7/15.

Next in line are two videos from Cad Elf. “Sonoma” is an experimental, yet groovy, piece of avant-garde sound collage and sampling that will have your head bobbing while you’re trying to wrap your brain around what is happening. Turn up the bass and give it a shot. The other video “Mean Mugg” has some multi-colored skeletons dancing and even fatter beats. The album Dark Planet is available 7/15.

Label founder, and ambient noise wizard Bill Tucker debuts a video of his own this week in the form of a live improvisation. Playing in stereo through a pedal rig that would make most gear heads jealous, Bill finds the sweet spot between dissonance and harmony with this 6 minute improv. It’s a treat for guitarists and knob tweakers alike. His new album Future is out now.

Last but not least, the new album from I Believe In Julio, An Episodic Memory, came out last weekend and it’s certainly worth your time. Especially for those that enjoy upbeat punk rock with a knack for storytelling. Check it out via bandcamp.

On the top of all of these videos, look out for a rad new tape from Chicago surf-dad-rockers House Sounds and a dreamy new shoegaze record from Slow Riot. House Sound’s III and Slow Riot’s  self-titled EP are both out this Friday.

Here’s the recap in case you breezed through this post…

Upcoming 1980 Releases:

#651980 CAD ELF- DARK PLANET CS100 (7/15)
#661980 HOUSE SOUNDS III CS100 (7/15)
#671980 BOSSA IV – VOTIVE CS100 (7/15)
#681980 SLOW RIOT CS100 (7/15)

Visit the Chirp Record Tent at Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend and check out the 1980 Records booth to pick up these sick ass tapes in person!

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