In 2010, GoMedia partner Jeff Finley would have never guessed that the first WMC Fest would have grown quite this much.

Weapons of Mass Creation is a grassroots festival held yearly in the Gordan Square Arts District of Cleveland, Ohio. The festival, currently in its fourth year, now boasts upwards of 1,200 attendees.

Poster by GoMedia.

Poster by GoMedia.

This year, the festival has booked 20 speakers, 20 designers, 30+ bands, and, my favorite, the Adventures in Design podcast.

MWA loves the entire line-up, and we really appreciate the diversity of artists and musicians booked. It’s noticeable how much Finley pushes to make Weapons of Mass Creation better than the year before, and this goal to put together a really awesome festival makes it so easy to donate to the KickStarter and watch it grow. (Also, tickets are discounted there.)

Stay tuned as we preview bands and artists scheduled to appear at Weapons of Mass Creation. Who are you looking forward to seeing? It’s going to be difficult to see it all on WMCFest Weekend… but we’ll make it work.

Weapons of Mass Creation is August 16-18 at the Cleveland Public Theater in Cleveland, OH.

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